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Bora Celik, co-founder of Jukely said, “The service has proved to generate additional revenue and is clearly expanding the market for the live music industry by getting music lovers to attend shows they normally wouldn’t go to see”. Surveys show that Jukely users go to 2-3 shows per month on average and almost 70% attend the shows...More.


The new camera has a 16 megapixel sensor on the back like previous versions, but this time the sensor itself is larger with an extremely bright aperture which has been helping with the very same low light pics that were coming out blurry in previous iterations. LG claims that the stabilization technology they are using to create crisp images and less than ideal situations should be twice as effective as previous version and the most powerful on the smartphone market currently. If you know what you are doing you can manually control...More.


The second wave of programming began to show up in the early 1980s with small networks that were trying to better serve a smaller audience. These included ESPN, MTV, Food Network, BET, CNN, and more. These new brands created their value by offering fewer viewers only what they wanted 24 hours a day. And this worked liked crazy.
The internet has allowed the third wave of programming to begin in the form of video streaming. It offers the best of both worlds in that now everyone can find exactly what they want, and only what they want, 24 hours a day from anywhere. It’s pretty much the perfect storm made possible by the commercialization of the internet. Throw mobile phones, tablets, media systems, and other crazy devices and you have a Star Trek level of consumption technology. More.

Another reason to switch to PHP 5.0 from PHP 4.0: iterators

The rest of the article is a good explanation of the major differences between PHP 4.X and 5.0. Anyone needing help getting PHP 5.0 built on their hosting service should check out my brief explanation of how to compile it as a CGI executable and override your hosting service's built in version. Granted, those instructors are based in part on my hosting service,'s, service options. More.

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There are plenty of people on the left who would argue that radical feminism is not a form of bigotry. For those who want to read responsible feminist writings and news, check out which is a libertarian site run by women. Anyone who thinks that radical feminism is not a bonafide form of bigotry after reading these quotes would have to be a genuine closet bigot themselves. More.


One of the lessons that I got out of my readings of 1984 (I love it and have read it a few times) is that in the face of tyranny, people will sometimes choose to rebel in ways that offend the sensibilities of more conservative individuals. Yes, I know the book is fiction, but it is in morals and spirit a very realistic critique of life under Stalin in the Sovet Union. Some people choose to rebel through sexuality, crass language and conduct and violent behavior in the face of cold, inhuman bureaucracy. More.

That is not said, which questions "why," and with strange elections, even sense may die.

This is a very interesting video. Mike Huckabee is defending himself and his positions, and it sounds a lot like the man hasn't even stopped to consider how much he actually sounds like he could get along with libertarians on a lot of issues. Furthermore, he also sounds like he can't really distinguish between the Rockefeller Republicans who are against the emphasis on traditional values and libertarians who are just sick and tired of wasting efforts on getting the state to enforce them.More.